Metaverse, the best secret in training

The term “metaverse” has gained popularity in these last few years, and no wonders. This technology has revolutionized the way in which we interact, offering endless possibilities, but what is the “metaverse”?

Metaverse is the concept of a virtual, three-dimensional world or ecosystem in which we, as users, will connect through a series of devices. This term means “beyond the universe”, and that is its purpose, to make us feel that we are in another reality.

This concept of the virtual world is not new. But it has always been more focused on the world of video games with those fantastic and extraordinary touches that the public likes so much. It seeks to live experiences to escape from the daily routine, fantastic and unique adventures that have nothing to do with our day to day.

Quite the opposite, with what is sought in the metaverse, because in this, the main objective is to function as an alternative reality. Being able to perform actions that we would do in our daily lives, but in a virtual way.

How do they make this possible?

To achieve this sense of reality, they are based on two main axes. The first one, the interaction within this reality and everything that can be done in it (in a decentralized way.) and the second one, the accessibility to this metaverse.

What can be done in the metaverse?

It is important to understand that this concept is still under development All the infrastructures that are available now are being tested and, moreover, there is still a long way to go and a lot to improve . It is the companies themselves that create their infrastructures, the best known being those of Facebook. And the latter is the one that is most committed to bringing a very everyday action to this reality… we are talking about working. Zuckeberg himself stated as an objective that his platform would make it possible to hold meetings, presentations and even work. That the experience would be as if you were working in person, but in his virtual space.

Of course, you can also do other actions such as shopping, interactions focused on interacting with users and having a good time, creating your own business, and much more.

Immersive training in the metaverse, reality or myth?

We have mentioned the main actions that can be developed in the metaverse, but we have left for the end the most important for us . The possibility of taking training and eLearning to another level. We are talking about delivering immersive training in the metaverse. We cannot deny that one of the most important characteristics is the delocalization of this medium, and that is why it is an ideal place to provide training activities. More and more universities, centers and companies are joining this modality.

The metaverse is the perfect place to bring together your team or students in a unique, new and striking environment to give training sessions. With disruptive dynamics that will make them stand out from other trainings. Avoiding dense sessions of pure theory and learning by doing without the problems of having to gather a team in the same place.

Metaverse + eLearning

We do not know if the metaverse is the future of eLearning, but we are sure that it is an environment that takes all the advantages of eLearning to the next level thanks to the immersion it provides. With certainty, we can say that not just any practice is suitable for this environment if we want the training to be of quality and effective. Dynamics must be designed or adapted to meet the main objective of eLearning, effective learning.

From Vertice eLearning we open our doors to Vertice Business Hub, our disruptive training experience that promotes team cohesion and learning. . Discover POWERVERSE and develop the essential “soft” skills or as we call it, “power skills” of your team with dynamics designed specifically for each of them in the metaverse

Is it really a benefit for my team?

We already know the importance of working on developing “soft skills”, and if you still don’t know what we are talking about or why they are important, we recommend this post.

But, is it really beneficial to impart it in the metaverse? The short answer is YES. Not only is it a disruptive way to deliver training, but it will make your team enjoy the moment and not perceive the training as “boring”, because we are always more attentive to new experiences, and we enjoy them more.

In addition, we talk about dynamics designed especially for this environment, making the most of it, moving away from mere theory and implementing the practice in the virtual environment. Making teamwork necessary from the beginning. For example, there may be someone who is better at technology and another person who is the opposite. The first person will be able to help the second, both will develop their teamwork skills even before the dynamics begin.

Experiencing is always more enriching than sitting and listening to theory.

How can this new reality be accessed?

It can be accessed from the same computer or cell phone. But the most immersive way to enter this new universe is through virtual reality and augmented reality, offering a much more realistic experience.

So, if you have greater efficiency using virtual reality glasses, does my company need to have these virtual reality glasses to be able to carry out the training? No, from Vértice eLearning the logistics of sending glasses is solved in Spanish territory.

Do you dare to discover our metaverse of possibilities?

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