eLearning is something from the past

We can fall into the mistake of thinking that eLearning is something of the last few years, but nothing could be further from the reality. eLearning is a thing from the past. The term we know today as eLearning was created by Elliott Masie in 1999 at the TechLearn conference. He defined it as the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, manage, and extend learning, but…

When did eLearning begin?

The history of eLearning dates back to 1960, with PLATO, the first LMS (learning management system). It was developed at the University of Illinois by the American researcher Donald Bitzer. This LMS was originally intended for high school and university education, but was eventually acquired by schools at all levels.

Another major milestone for eLearning was the appearance of e-Books and Project Gutenberg in 1971. The aim of this project was to create a free and accessible library of ebooks from already published books.

On the other hand, thanks to the popularity of the personal computer in the 1980s, the technological environment and therefore the Internet and eLearning were able to develop further.

New millennium = New opportunities

In the year of 2000, the concept of b-Learning, or blended learning, appeared, and little by little important events such as the definition of the SCORM format appeared in 2002, a first version of the set of standards and specifications that allows the creation of structured pedagogical objects, allowing the sharing of content between different platforms and educational tools. Indispensable for eLearning as we know it today. In the same year, 2002, the most widely used LMS worldwide, Moodle, also appeared.

Internet at this time grows by leaps and bounds, smartphones and tablets appear, allowing the development of the concept of mobile-Learning, as well as E-readers with electronic ink, being more attractive for reading documents. Social networks are also appearing. The Internet is here to stay and gradually we are making it part of our daily lives.

Where were we?

Although Vértice Group started in 1979, we were almost two decades ahead of the Internet boom. In 1998 we were already confident in the potential of the Internet and its possibilities for training. We created the first Virtual Campus and the first Online Business School in Spain, being the pioneers in the history of eLearning at national level.

In 2002 we went a step further, and began our adventure in the transformation and digitization of content to implement them to the online world and teaching Making history once again and becoming the first content factory specialized in the digitization of Spanish-speaking training projects. Later, after expanding our online catalog, we became the largest content provider in Spanish, positioning ourselves as a leader in the eLearning sector.


The future of eLearning

At Vértice eLearning we are always working to be at the forefront of innovation and maintain our leadership in the training sector. Our goal is to bring eLearning to everyone, and we make this possible thanks to our solutions developed specifically for each company, training entity or public administration and their needs We work hand in hand with each of them to offer the ideal solution.

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that our passion for innovation, technology and eLearning is a part of us. That’s why we always go one step further, in this case with the metaverse. Our Vértice Business Hub and the dynamics we carry out in this environment mark a turning point in the eLearning experience.

The history of eLearning has been written for more than 60 years, we could say that it is something from the past, but it definitely has a lot of future ahead. Will you join us to continue being part of the training of the future?


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