Ambitious training project for caregivers by Foundation GIA, Grupo Vértice and Cifal Málaga.

The training catalog covers subjects that include everything from motivation and learning applied to caregivers of dependent persons to rehabilitation techniques.

The director of Cifal Málaga-Unitar, Julio Andrade; the president of the Global Initiative on Aging, Luis Gallegos; and the representatives of Vértice Group, Juan Cruzado and José Antonio Buzón, have presented this Monday an ambitious training project that aims to reach the community of professional and non-professional caregivers around the world.

The launch of this new training catalog catalog is born from the memorandum of collaboration in force between Cifal Malaga, International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders, under the United Nations agency Unitar, and Grupo Vertice, which, in fact, has facilitated articulate a training platform aimed at the community of caregivers and, therefore, in favor of the population that requires attention and specialized care in their daily lives.

This platform has an extensive catalog of courses accredited by Unitar, where cutting-edge resources such as artificial intelligence or high levels of accessibility are applied, and whose content has been enriched from the practical experience of the Juan Cruzado Foundation.

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