LinkedIn + Vértice, an alliance for the eLearning of the future.

We have partnered with LinkedIn Learning! To celebrate this union, our CEO, José Buzón, tells us more details that will help us to know the details of this alliance and everything it means for the world of eLearning.

What does it mean to be a LinkedIn partner?

Being a LinkedIn partner means taking a step further in the world of eLearning. This alliance increases the value of LinkedIn Learning’s training offer, as we provide the capacity and experience in the development of training plans. The appeal of our Alliance is that it increases the value of the entire service offered by LinkedIn. This includes everything from allowing the use of Programmed Training to creating specific training itineraries, allowing organizations to develop the upskilling and reskilling of their talent with the most efficient investment possible Together we form a project that is difficult to match and totally disruptive in the field of corporate training.

What do we bring to the table as a company?

Vértice plays a crucial role Our experience in the sector, our technology and national positioning have been highly valued by LinkedIn Learning. We add the layer of training project, definition and adaptation of training plans focused on the current employment landscape and create customized career plans for each company. “Training is essential to achieve the business leadership to which Spain aspires.” With this Alliance, it will be possible to offer quality training to be able to achieve that leadership to which the industry aspires.

The major challenge we have

From Vértice eLearning, the biggest challenge we have is that users really enjoy a constructive learning experience and that the HRBP values us as a strategic partner. Companies that go with Vértice + LinkedIn Learning binomial are betting on developing their talent, but they are also betting on our team, on cutting-edge content and on high-level technological solutions

The team behind this partnership

This eLearning alliance would not have been possible without the chemistry that has been created around the working group formed between LinkedIn and Vértice. The atmosphere is one of excitement to join forces and create a solution that will change the market. We are ready to offer companies the best training options. No doubt the whole team is looking forward to seeing how this alliance evolves and demonstrating what we are capable of doing together.


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